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Viking Foundry History


Viking Foundry was founded in 1994. From a humble beginnings, a business of pride, quality and customer commitment has been established.

Viking Foundry was started with a 250kg Radyne furnace which was very much against the norm in those days.

Through extreme hard work and perseverance, the company has now progressed to being able to cast up to 8 000kg. Son and Father, Grant and George Estman, combined their man years of foundry experience to establish Viking.

A massive boost for Viking in the beginning was their ability to cast a very diverse range of materials in small quantities in a very short turnover time. This same ability has been carried forward to today, which has always enabled great customer satisfaction. By sticking to strong foundry and business principles, Viking has grown into a business boasting SIX furnaces and a staff compliment of +- 100 People. Making it one of the largest independent owned and operated foundries in South Africa.

As it was on the first day of opening the commitment Grant Estman and his team have had towards quality and customer service remains unwavering.

Viking Foundry looks forward to the next eighteen years (and beyond) with much enthusiasm and determination…………

Viking’s total capacity is 200 tons per month

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