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Viking Foundry Products

Viking produces’ high quality castings for a wide range of industries, including:
Pneumatic: compressor housings, pistons, covers, bodies etc.
Hydraulic: housings, cylinders, bodies etc.
Pumps: impellers, expellers, volutes, casings, stuffing boxes, wear rings etc.
Valves: bodies, gates, butterflies, fittings etc
Thermal Processing: grates, hanger brackets etc.
Cement: high temperature kiln / mill parts
Mining: wear parts, axle boxes, hopper / canon box wheels, couplings etc.
Refining: high temperature furnace parts
Agriculture: wear, seeder and harvester parts etc.
Earth moving: ground engagement tools, housings
Electric motor: housings, covers, shields, caps etc.
Friction: brake / clutch discs, cylinders etc.
Power generation: Heat resistant consumables / Linings
Shot blasting: wear parts, blades, liners etc.
Guniting: machine components and wear parts
Railways: brake / suspension components
General engineering: wheels, axle bearing assemblies, couplings, bushes

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