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Does The Foundry You Use Provide These Services

There are a number of foundries out there, all perfectly well equipped to manufacture to spec, whatever their clients require of them. However, all of these businesses offer their services to differing degrees. Unfortunately, wherever these businesses lack in service delivery, their clients need to find them elsewhere to complete the job. With that said, wouldn’t it be far better to source goods from a foundry that can work with you, from design all the way to completion? If that sounds good to you, then you should be looking for a forge that offers all of the following as part of their package.

Product Design and Development

Before any product can come to life, it needs to be carefully designed. While other institutions or agents can do the design separately so that it can be taken to a forge for manufacturing, this approach creates unnecessary links in the chain of production that can lead to delays, additional expenses as well as miscommunications that can result in serious production errors and wastage. By utilising a forge that offers design and development services, the manufacturing process will go much more smoothly.


After the initial production stage, materials can be finalised in terms of detail and patterns. This process requires specialised skillsets and equipment which is why many businesses offer it as an independent service. However, like the above point, this may lead to additional expenses including those brought on by transport, which is why it is better to find a foundry that does patterning as part of its services.

Laboratories and Testing

Whether you are having equipment manufactured for your own needs or are creating a product to be sent to market, you will need to ensure that it operates according to the standards expected by you and your customers. In order to do this, you will need to put the finished product through rigorous testing in the right environment. While you can outsource this process, it would be better to have the foundry you are working with do it for you; that way if there are any needed changes, they can happen with fewer delays.

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